Strategic Thinking Time


I recently watched a conversation between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, in which they discussed how they allocate time in their calendars.  

Warren Buffett explained that he deliberately keeps his calendar practically clear, because what he values most is the freedom and space to have strategic thinking time to step back, have great ideas and come up with solutions. 

I've worked with leaders for 20 years and in my experience their calendars are typically the opposite; jam-packed with meetings with little time to action what is agreed to in the meetings. When you add relentless email to the mix, there’s little time to step back and do the high level thinking that can influence positive change. 

Also, when you consider that many organisations have a culture of hard work and being busy, it can lead to the perception that to just sit and think is ‘slacking off’. 

I want to challenge the thinking that if you're not in a meeting, or you're not...

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Case study: Clarify Your Brand


In this video I share how I helped a manager clarify the direction of his career.

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Manage Up to Drive Your Career to Greater Heights


Today, I want to talk about self-leadership. More specifically though, I’d like to focus on how you can access the support you need to thrive, grow, and most importantly, to PROVIDE YOUR GREATEST VALUE to the business and your people.  

When I work with leaders one-to-one in a coaching format, we usually circle around to the question … how often are you catching up with your manager? Because it’s my experience that when leaders have consistent, quality one-to-one time with their managers they are more engaged, more purposeful and more effective – overall, more valuable. 

But despite this, many leaders don’t get the one-on-one time they desire or need to thrive. Indeed, many leaders are resigned to the fact that they won’t ever have quality time with their managers, often citing things like, ‘my manager's really busy’.  

Now, when I dig deeper and start to explore what they actually talk about during the...

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Build Your Network


Build your network by reaching out to the business and learning how you and your team can add value and make a greater difference.

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How to communicate what's expected to your team


At times it can be tricky to communicate the internal and external clients' expectations to the team. Here I suggest a creative way to engage the team and demonstrate expectations.

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