Strategic Thinking Time


I recently watched a conversation between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, in which they discussed how they allocate time in their calendars.  

Warren Buffett explained that he deliberately keeps his calendar practically clear, because what he values most is the freedom and space to have strategic thinking time to step back, have great ideas and come up with solutions. 

I've worked with leaders for 20 years and in my experience their calendars are typically the opposite; jam-packed with meetings with little time to action what is agreed to in the meetings. When you add relentless email to the mix, there’s little time to step back and do the high level thinking that can influence positive change. 

Also, when you consider that many organisations have a culture of hard work and being busy, it can lead to the perception that to just sit and think is ‘slacking off’. 

I want to challenge the thinking that if you're not in a meeting, or you're not at your desk, or you're not checking your emails, that you're not working. 

When I coach leaders, and in my Elevate 90 Days program, one of the first things I do is help people set out a strategic calendar, which includes allocating one to two hours in your calendar to give yourself time to step back, breathe and strategically view your role, career, team and opportunities to provide greater value.  

I want to invite you, just as Warren Buffett does, to view critical strategic thinking time in your calendar as one of the most powerful times in your week.  Get away from your desk and sit in a coffee shop, go for a walk or have lunch in a park. 

This isn't time off work…this is critical thinking time for work.  

So, that's my tip today…

Schedule in strategic thinking time. Give yourself time in your calendar that is non-negotiable. Not only will this make you immediately more productive, but it will allow you to think ahead and anticipate what’s to come.  

If you find this concept useful, I invite you to jump on for a quick call with me to see how strategic thinking time, and other tools that I teach can help you elevate your leadership capability:


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