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I have engaged Rachael’s coaching services periodically over the last 5 years. This has included Rachael coaching individual staff (40), delivering goal setting workshops and facilitating team coaching with great success. Rachael has a unique and vibrant way in which she engages an audience and individuals to set and achieve goals and it is always a pleasure working with her.
Donna Durston-McKenna, Head of People & Culture,
Very Special Kids (formerly HR Business Partner at Monash Health)

You are a legend. Thank you so much for facilitating our goal setting day. I was really pleased with the outcome. I admire the way you ran the day and your perceptiveness to the different personalities. You really do have a gift with people. Thank you again.
Regina McInnes, Managing DirectorMcInnes Property Management

Coaching for me is about staying at the top of my game in every aspect of my life. With such a demanding career, whilst being successful at what I do, coaching ensures I prioritise my relationship, my kids, my health and my downtime, in ensuring my life is a success.
Prakash Menon, Director Myer Logistics, Myer Ltd.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachael (for multiple years) for the in-house delivery of the Elevate in 90 Days program. Rachael provides exceptional service by way of participant support, program design and continuous improvement. While the Elevate program is offered as a public program, Rachael works very hard to make the learning experience effective is relevant to our unique needs as a Department. Rachael’s passion for leadership and practical approach in building leadership capability, is what makes her a brilliant practitioner to work with.

Danielle Fancellu, Senior Organisational Development Consultant Leadership, Leadership and Talent Development, Department of Transport & Planning

…absolutely fantastic…the down to earth techniques were very powerful and non intrusive. I believe this was an excellent event choice. I have taken onboard the techniques and goal setting strategies and have even started re-reading the manual provided. I have attended a number of workshops and I can honestly say that this moved me and was extremely powerful. Congratulations on presenting such valuable content. I am very excited by what will follow.
Penny Santis, General Manager, Mortgage National Wholesale

The ‘Elevate in 90 days’ program challenged my assumptions and approach to leading a team of 60 in a complex environment. It’s helped me to lead better, to stay on course and to have the resilience and energy to ride the waves of the storms that inevitably occur in all leadership roles. The tools have helped me to manage the ‘noise’ and focus my efforts on the activities that benefit my team and organisation. I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits. 

Malcolm Gibson - Chief Radiographer Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health

I worked with Rachael 12 years ago and got incredible results, so when I started my business it was a no brainer to contact her again for coaching. What I love about my sessions is that she just seems to know what to prod and poke to get the best out of me and challenge my thinking!
Her approach is very heartfelt. She genuinely wants me to succeed and gets so excited when I do! I’m focused, nailing my big goals and loving life. I cannot more highly recommend Rachael!
Deb Smith, Finance Broker

Your combination of coaching, team coaching and coaching skills training over recent months has supported our leadership team to move to the next level. We are more aligned, focused and have a better understanding of how to be effective leaders. Thank you for your support.
Stuart Draffin, General Manager Planning and Development, City of Stonnington

We recently engaged Rachael’s services to facilitate a series of interactive workshops held throughout Australia for our Women in Mortgage Broking Network members resulting in tremendous success, positive feedback and delighted workshop participants. Rachael’s warm and energetic style not only engaged our audiences but left them wondering where the time had gone and wanting more! She has an extremely genuine and passionate approach to sharing her insights and encouraging others to reach their true potential – whatever that may be. Rachael comes highly recommended by our Network and PLAN Australia as a business.
Jenny Stewart, Training and HR Manager

Through coaching sessions with Rachael I have been able to quite quickly achieve clarity and a sense of purpose around what my goals are. This has made it a lot easier to make decisions on where I should be focussing my time and what career decisions I should make. The clarity has provided a sense of relief by taking away the ‘noise’. I would not have achieved this without Rachael providing guidance and gently challenging and interrogating my thinking.
Kym Myall, Director Risk Assessment and Intelligence, Australian Tax Office

Working with Rachael has been truly fulfilling. Being a bit of a sceptic of coaching and not really enjoying opening up, I was very unsure of what I was letting myself into. My worries were very quickly dismissed. Rachael is analytical, yet warm and she is incredibly real. Her own business acumen and general life experience all make for such well rounded coaching sessions. I always leave our sessions recharged mentally and motivated to succeed in achieving my goals and be the best I can be.
Rachel Stefanovski, General Manager, PKL Recruitment

Working with Rachael let me better understand my impact on my colleagues and how to structure my own work to also improve theirs. She also left me with a framework to allow me to help define how I achieve future career goals. Rachael has been a great ally and certainly made me stretch beyond my comfort zone and enjoy it.
Paul Cooper, RandL IM&T Liaison Manager, VicRoads

Thank you for choosing an absolute professional, not only did she go through each session which will assist our skills in the future, but she also demonstrated how well it can be done by being herself and showing her own skills, knowledge and passion.
Gina Maltman, BDM SA/NT
 PLAN Australia

Just a quick note to let you know how much we appreciated and enjoyed your presentations at our recent WCN networking breakfasts. You might be interested to know that at the May breakfast we had a record attendance with over 160 guests and that you are the first speaker we have asked back due to such an overwhelming interest. The response has been phenomenal and the evaluation forms 100% positive! You will be a tough act for others to follow.
Kate Wilkins, Member Relations Executive, CPA Australia

Just wanted to let you know I really appreciate you being on our team (as business coach). Your contribution, ideas and view has a really positive impact on the team. I walk away feeling positive, energised and excited about our future.
Chris Nolan, Director Charcoal Clothing

Your presentation was great and I think everyone came away with some realistic and achievable ideas about goal setting.
Jessica Gully, Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

Rachael has assisted me in setting challenging professional and personal goals and has been innovative and creative in establishing processes to help me achieve the goals. I have welcomed Rachael’’s ability to confront me and to show me different ways of perceiving myself and the world I inhabit. She has been a significant positive influence on my capacity to grow and change.
Kathleen Kenny, Assistant Principal

Thank you again on behalf of the team for your skill in facilitating the sessions, challenging us when needed, and focusing our energies. Our GM asked us the other day what our main three strategic objectives would be and we were confidently able to provide him with our response.
Nigel Brown, Team Leader, 
Sport and Recreation, City of Kingston

Wow, this coaching process is very powerful! I did not anticipate that I would be able to make such mental shifts in a relatively short amount of time. It’s great to move through my boundaries and obstacles in a challenging but safe, non-judgemental environment. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. I am able to see my potential again!
Augarette Malki, Coordinator, Statutory Planning Unit City of Stonnington

Rachael challenged me Professionally, Spiritually and Mentally. Since the completion of my coaching series I am more connected with myself, my relationships and my work…After seeing what I achieved in 12 weeks with Rachael I believe that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to. Rachael has changed my life.
Marisa Dantanarayana, BDM

Rachael has worked with a number of colleagues at various organisations for me. Rachael has the ability to take the people ‘out of their comfort zone’. She will ask them to assess, challenge and stretch themselves. By doing this she gets results. I have seen great growth in these colleagues as a result of the sessions they have had with Rachael.
Fleur Delves, Victorian Manager, PKL Recruitment

Thank you so much for your presentation at our Businesswomen’s Breakfast at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne this morning. Your presentation “Finding Your Path” was extremely well received by all our delegates and we had many comments from guests about how much you had inspired them to reach new and wonderful heights! You delivered with passion, expertise and humour and provided valuable information that guests could immediately apply to their lives and careers.
As the organiser it was an absolute pleasure to deal with you – you are both organised and easy-going – a breath of fresh air in this industry! You are professional, friendly and a delight to work with!

Kym McGuinness, MD, Centrum Events

The coaching, enthusiasm and insight Rachael provided me throughout my journey, has not only enabled me to discover a great deal about myself but more importantly made me conscious and able to refocus on how I can progress positive change. I have felt comfortable and inspired since our first meeting and the momentum continues today. A motivating learning experience for me – Thank you.
John Karabatsos, Manager IT Market Interface Solutions, Australian Energy Market Operator Ltd

Working with Rachael really helped in my discovery of self awareness. She is a great 1:1 coach, who awakened me to being present and to acknowledging my strengths and capabilities. I found our sessions, relaxed, professional, personal and inspiring. As a result, I became a better colleague and a better performer. It was great to step out of my comfort zone and be challenged by her… I was extremely happy with the results.
Marc P. Gonzalez, National Disability Insurance Agency

Rachael opened my mind to possibilities I hadn’t even considered. The sessions helped me explore my values, understand my personal and professional purpose and be confident that I can make the right choices to balance what I initially felt were conflicting aspirations. Thanks Rachael.
Charles Boorman, Program Planning Specialist, VICRoads

I just had to share that I’ve had the most AMAZING experience with my biz coach over the last 6 weeks. She literally took me from wanting to quit my business, to bringing in thousands of dollars and feeling on top of the world – in 6 weeks.

During our call last night I told her, “Rachael, I don’t know what you did, but my biz feels EASY. I’m doing most of the same things I used to do – things that used to feel HARD – but now they feel easy. This law of attraction stuff works!”

I have more clarity, vision and confidence than I’ve ever had in my business and I feel on fire with excitement. I spent a long time searching for the right coach and I wish I’d found her sooner. She is GOLD. I’m so grateful found her.

I don’t know what she did, but in that first week I got so much clarity from about 5 exercises she had me do. I literally pulled in more money in that first week after coaching with Rachael than I ever have in a week’s period, just because she told me to do it and I finally didn’t get in my own way. I can only explain it like this: her vibration is high, and it rubs off on me and empowers me. She’s down to earth, authentic, and not all hot smoke like so many coaches who think they’re “all that.” And then this last week I tested out her marketing knowledge and she blew me away… together we nailed down exactly what will be happening in my business for the next several months. I feel empowered, clear, focused and on fire. It’s such a giant turnaround from where I was 6 weeks ago. Just huge. I just can’t imagine finding anybody better.
Jen Riday – jenriday.com

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I completed & passed my Foundations of HR course which was one of the goals we set in our personal coaching sessions earlier this year!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend time with you in those coaching sessions and for the motivation and encouragement you gave me. Without your confidence in my ability I doubt I would have stepped out of my comfort zone and challenged myself. I guess that is what these sessions are all about!
Allison Woollard

Rachael, thank you. Your work with me this year has not only opened my mind and eyes to what I need to do to take control, but has restored my enthusiasm for leaving a footprint wherever I work. At the start of my career a very influential leader instilled this in me: make a difference. Never ask yourself ‘what if?’. Over the years this had been knocked out of me and you have brought this back.
I cannot thank you enough for challenging me, telling me off (in your encouraging way) and generally getting me to think again as a leader.
I never really appreciated how much a coach could help and improve and, at times, repair so that one can once again be enthused to take risks and make a difference.

General Manager who wishes to remain unnamed.

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