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With over 70 people in her team, this particular leader meets with every single person in her wider team twice per year...


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These questions are from my 13 week Leadership course - Elevate in 90 Days - which is elevating leaders across Australia to empower their workforce for greater results.

Elevate Your Organisation's Leadership

"I’ve learned the importance of strategic planning that aligns branch and divisional objectives and how crucial recurring calendar meetings are to ensure that my direct reports feel informed and supported. I’ve also learned how to raise my profile in the organisation and communicate my intended career trajectory."

Thelma Kilikidis
Team Leader Infringement Assessment

"I have been able to quite quickly achieve clarity and a sense of purpose around what my goals are. This has made it a lot easier to make decisions on where I should be focussing my time and what career decisions I should make."

Kym Myall
Director Risk Assessment and Intelligence, Australian Tax Office

"Setting up these key management systems has helped me lead a team of 70 more effectively. The Strategic Communication Strategy, the Structured 1-to-1 Meetings Template and the Strategic Meetings Calendar have been very powerful. It led me to enrol 12 leaders in my team in this program."

Vanessa Nativo
Director Finance Services

"I have learned and grown so much in the 90 days. I think the thing I got out the most is the connection to my one up manager. Sharing my journey on what I have learned and are delivering has developed a working connection."

Nicole Hirst
Customer Services Manager

"The sessions helped me explore my values, understand my personal and professional purpose and be confident that I can make the right choices to balance what I initially felt were conflicting aspirations. Thanks Rachael."

Charles Boorman
Program Planning Specialist, VICRoads

"I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits."

Malcolm Gibson
Chief Radiographer Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health

"The combination of coaching, team coaching and coaching skills training over recent months has supported our leadership team to move to the next level. We are more aligned, focused and have a better understanding of how to be effective leaders. Thank you for your support."

Stuart Draffin
GM Planning and Development, City of Stonnington

"Overall I’ve learned that setting up a strategic calendar and implementing it is an agile approach to improve my leadership skills particularly in terms of continuous improvement and change readiness. Furthermore, the course provided end to end practical tools to articulate my career goals."

Sofia Fitzell

"You might be interested to know that at the May breakfast we had a record attendance with over 160 guests and that you are the first speaker we have asked back due to such an overwhelming interest. The response has been phenomenal and the evaluation forms 100% positive!"

Kate Wilkins
Member Relations Executive, CPA Australia

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