What ladder are you climbing as a leader?


What leadership career ladder are you climbing, and are you climbing the right ladder for you?

I am working with a leader in middle management, who is at a point where he is wondering: Do I elevate beyond where I am and apply for the director role? 

This manager is a technical expert, and like so many leaders in organisations he's been promoted up the ranks without any quality leadership or management development.  

One of the key challenges he’s facing right now is that he has received feedback that his team is losing trust in him, as he doesn’t delegate work and wants to deliver much of the work himself.  

He’s doing the work, rather than delegating the work. 

One of the questions I asked him was, ‘Do you want to let go of the technical aspect of your work or does that bring you joy?’  

Through our coaching journey he has realised that he will always want to do some of the technical delivery himself, as it fulfills him so much. He has also recognised that while he really does enjoy aspects of the technical delivery, that to be a good manager to this team and in the business he does need to delegate more and put more trust in his team.  

It has become clear that the senior position is the business not a good fit right now.

Senior leaders are like a conductor of an orchestra.  

If you're a conductor at the front of the orchestra, you can't pick up the violin or drumsticks and then start playing the drums. If a conductor starts doing, the group loses direction and harmony. Just like a conductor, a leader has to have a strategic view and lead. 

Far too often I see people moving up the corporate ladder, because that’s what they think they should be doing, only to find they've reached a place where it's no longer aligned to their passions or sense of purpose.  

Are you climbing the right ladder for you? 

As you plan your career options I encourage you to think about the day to day activity required in the roles and consider if that feels aligned to your strengths, interests, passion and vision.

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