As a leader are you both Strategic Planning AND Delivery Planning to achieve greater results?


In this video I share some common strategic planning and delivering planning leadership mistakes I see leaders make, which leads to a lack of engagement and achievement with teams.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is there a clear strategic plan for the business that you have translated into a 12-month strategic plan for your team and have you shared this with the team?
  • Have you established a 12-month delivery plan together with your team with clear goals, milestones, responsibilities, etc?
  • Does this plan have a 'buffer zone' to account for staff leave/illness, unexpected issues, etc?
  • How will you revisit this plan consistently with the team to focus energy, acknowledge achievement and provide support and accountability?

We cover Strategic Delivery Planning in the Elevate in 90 Days Leadership Program.

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Don't waste your life

About 8 years ago I watched this 3-minute video and it ignited a spark within me to step up my life. 

See if it does the same for you.

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Career planning tip for managers and leaders


I want to share with you a powerful career planning activity that I share with all my one-to-one coaching clients and in my Elevate in 90 Days Program. 

"I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits." Malcolm Gibson, Elevate Participant

Click to learn more about this topic and more at Elevate in 90 Days Program.

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Find informal mentors to grow your leadership & brand


Can you imagine the growth in your business if every team leader and manager had a mentoring conversation EVERY SINGLE MONTH? 

In this video I share how to establish an informal mentoring strategy to elevate growth, brand and build a network of engaged advocates in the business.  

Click to learn more about the Elevate in 90 Days Program.

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Communication strategy to build brand and visibility for leaders


As a leader you’re told to ‘build the brand and visibility of your team', but you’re never shown how.

This is the simple communication process I share with my clients and in my Elevate in 90 Days program that helps team leaders and managers to build this important skill.

"Overall I’ve learned that setting up a strategic calendar and implementing it is an agile approach to improve my leadership skills particularly in terms of continuous improvement and change readiness. Furthermore, the course provided end to end practical tools to articulate my career goals." Participant Sofia Fitzell

Click to learn more about how the Elevate in 90 Days Program.

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How to build a feedback culture


Is growth and development stalling in your business or team because ‘feedback’ is a dirty word?

Common leadership and management programs focus on how to give feedback, but don’t focus on HOW TO BUILD A FEEDBACK CULTURE, so feedback is avoided, which leads to missed learning opportunities, unproductive behaviour left unchecked and unacknowledged positive behaviour.

"You might be interested to know that at the May breakfast we had a record attendance with over 160 guests and that you are the first speaker we have asked back due to such an overwhelming interest. The response has been phenomenal and the evaluation forms 100% positive!" Kate Wilkins, Member Relations Executive, CPA Australia

Click to learn more about Elevate in 90 Days Program.

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Strategic thinking time for leaders


Busy leaders can find themselves stuck in operational and reactive mode, and struggle to make the critical shift to strategic and planned. 

In this video I share a simple strategy that has helped many of my clients to elevate their focus.

"Setting up these key management systems has helped me lead a team of 70 more effectively. The Strategic Communication Strategy, the Structured 1-to-1 Meetings Template and the Strategic Meetings Calendar have been very powerful. It led me to enrol 12 leaders in my team in this program." Vanessa Nativo, Director

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How to set up a ‘Strategic Leadership Calendar’


In this video I share how to set up a ‘Strategic Leadership Calendar’ to avoid scattergun management, ad-hoc task juggling and project derailment.

"I’ve learned the importance of strategic planning that aligns branch and divisional objectives and how crucial recurring calendar meetings are to ensure that my direct reports feel informed and supported. I’ve also learned how to raise my profile in the organisation and communicate my intended career trajectory." Thelma Kilikidis, Elevate Participant

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How I teach leaders to GET feedback for faster growth


Although quality feedback is gold for leadership development, it can be hard to get, so opportunities for growth and increased awareness are often missed.

This is the reason I teach team leaders and managers a system to consistently gather 360-degree feedback to fast track growth and maximise potential.

In this subtitled video I share how the Elevate in 90 Days Program supports leaders to drive their own informal 360 degree process.

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How leaders can drive their own development


One of the common challenges I hear from the leaders I work with is, “I’m not sure how to drive my own development.”

If you want to develop yourself or empower people leaders in the business to drive their own growth and opportunities (rather than waiting for the business to do it for them), then this video is for you.

In this subtitled video I share how the Elevate in 90 Days Program supports leaders to drive their own development and growth.

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