How to deliver effective one-to-one meetings


Delivering effective one-on-one meetings is one of the most powerful ways to unlock the potential in a business, yet they're often delivered inconsistently and with little structure or planning. Poor delivery of one-on-one meetings has a very real cost that's hard to measure.

"I have learned and grown so much in the 90 days. I think the thing I got out the most is the connection to my one up manager.  Sharing my journey on what I have learned and are delivering has developed a working connection." Nicole Hirst, Elevate Participant

In this subtitled video I summarise the exact system I share in the Elevate in 90 Days Program to support leaders to deliver effective one-on-ones.

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Client story: Are you bringing your vision to life?


People often focus on the next steps, without taking the time to step back to revisit the big dream and vision.

Hopefully this video will inspire you to remember what lights you up and to go for what you want.

If you want support reach out.

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Secret #2 - Strategic Calendar


Working with leaders over the last 20 years I’ve observed what highly effective leaders do that sets them apart, and I’m sharing these observations throughout this series, titled The 10 Secrets of High Performing Leaders. I go deeper with these ‘secrets’ in my Elevate in 90 Days Leadership Program.

To recap, Secret 1 is Self Leadership, where a leader strategically drives their own development, builds their own network, sets and revisits goals, has an evolving purpose-driven plan that ignites both them and the team and doesn’t sit back waiting for the business to do this for them. 

Secret 2 is Strategic Calendar (lesson 2 of the Elevate program)

As mentioned in the previous article, leaders tend to be extremely busy dealing with relentless meetings, email, people issues, delivery timeliness, stakeholders and much more. With a lot going on day-to-day it can be challenging to find the time to be strategic, focus on development and lead effectively....

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Secret #1 - Self Leadership


This is the first in a series of articles called 10 Secrets of Highly Effective Leaders

Over the last 20 years of working with CEOs, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders I’ve observed that the most effective leaders take a series of steps that others don’t - steps that every people leader could take to immediately elevate their leadership capability and career.

I’ve built a leadership program based on these secret steps, called Elevate in 90-Days.

The first secret/lesson is self-leadership, where a leader strategically drives their own development, builds their own network, sets and revisits goals, has an evolving purpose-driven plan that ignites both them and the team and doesn’t sit back waiting for the business to do this for them.

I find that many leaders don’t realise they can lead themselves, unaware they have the power to build their capability, brand, impact, career opportunities and respect for them as a leader in the business. Instead...

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Leaders, Are You Asking Powerful Questions?


Craft Your Why - I have a free activity to set you up for greater success in 2020. 

I encourage the leaders I work with to take some time over the Christmas/New Year break to reflect on the year that’s been, and to get clear about what they want to set themselves up for success in the year ahead.  

I find leaders are often strategic and planned in their roles, but don’t find the time to be strategic with their own careers. If this is the case with you, this is a powerful time to stop, think, reflect and intentionally reset the compass. Think of reflection time as strategic thinking time. 

After a busy December it’s valuable to carve out some valuable to consider:

What is it that I really want? 

What am I here to do in the world? 

What do I want the next five, or 10, or 20 years to really be about? 

In a nutshell: What’s my WHY? 

With his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek inspired a movement for people to be purposefully...

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Ask your team members these coaching questions


If you’re a people leader I’m sure you’ll find this Effective Leader’s Coaching Questions Pack valuable...

During my 20-year career as a leadership coach and trainer, I’ve witnessed the power of recurring, predictable systems to elevate leadership effectiveness, people engagement and career progression. 

In lesson 7 of my leadership program, Elevate in 90 Days, I support leaders to establish a system to deliver consistent 1:1 meetings, with a template to address goals, delivery, development, wellbeing, career planning, 2-way feedback, business values and more.

Over the last two years I’ve worked with a director in an organisation who implemented this 1:1 strategy for herself, and then empowered her leadership team with the same system for consistency across the entire team. She then took it a step further to establish a system to meet 1:1 with every person in her team of 80 people, to ask them high level coaching questions.  


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Managing perception when you’re in a state of career confusion


Many leaders who work with me are at a crossroads, unsure of what to do next with their career planning. By the time they reach me, they're often in a state of feeling confused, stuck, lost and even unhappy.  

The risk for these leaders is that their state of confusion can show up in the workplace as disengaged, disheartened, withdrawn and possibly toxic. A shift in their behavior can create a negative shift in the perception of them with management, their peers and their team.

They may say things to various people in the business such as, "I don't know if I want to be here" or "I'm lost". 

Now, while this communication may be honest, if it’s not delivered in an empowered way it can be detrimental to your brand. The people you speak with may share your feelings with others and it can ripple out across the business, impacting people’s perception of your engagement and question your value in the business.  

Now, I’m not saying that if you are...

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Leaders - align your role with your passions


I’ve noticed a growing trend of people leaving the corporate space, because they believe that they can't fulfill their yearning for purpose, or to explore their passions while in a corporate environment.  

It saddens me to see these people giving up on what was previously their dream, because they have lost their way in the corporate world, believing there is no way to attain fulfillment if they stay. 

Of course, for some people leaving is the best pathway, but for many there are ways to find alignment without venturing too far afield from their current trajectory. 

If you’re contemplating where to next, I’d like to encourage you to be open minded and explore how you can align your passions, purpose and interests within your current organisation or industry. 

How can you evolve and expand your role to bring you greater fulfillment? 

One of the activities I do with my clients to help them with role and purpose alignment is map out a...

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What ladder are you climbing as a leader?


What leadership career ladder are you climbing, and are you climbing the right ladder for you?

I am working with a leader in middle management, who is at a point where he is wondering: Do I elevate beyond where I am and apply for the director role? 

This manager is a technical expert, and like so many leaders in organisations he's been promoted up the ranks without any quality leadership or management development.  

One of the key challenges he’s facing right now is that he has received feedback that his team is losing trust in him, as he doesn’t delegate work and wants to deliver much of the work himself.  

He’s doing the work, rather than delegating the work. 

One of the questions I asked him was, ‘Do you want to let go of the technical aspect of your work or does that bring you joy?’  

Through our coaching journey he has realised that he will always want to do some of the technical delivery himself, as it...

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Build your network


Today, I want to talk about how important it is to build your network, even if networking takes you out of your comfort zone.  

A lot of the leaders I work within organisations say to me, "I don't want to build my network because it feels like I'm being political.”

I want to challenge this thinking. I want to invite you to reframe networking in your mind from ‘playing the politics game’ to wanting to find out how can you add greater value to the business. 

Ask yourself, ‘How can I and my team provide greater value to the business?’  

Allocate time in your calendar to meet with stakeholders in the business to ask them, "How do we provide our greatest value to you?", "How can we support your business area more?" and “Who else should I be meeting with to add greater value?” 


By doing that you both strengthen your existing network and build relevant new connections. Keep in mind that all of those people have...

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