Ask your team members these coaching questions


If you’re a people leader I’m sure you’ll find this Effective Leader’s Coaching Questions Pack valuable...

During my 20-year career as a leadership coach and trainer, I’ve witnessed the power of recurring, predictable systems to elevate leadership effectiveness, people engagement and career progression. 

In lesson 7 of my leadership program, Elevate in 90 Days, I support leaders to establish a system to deliver consistent 1:1 meetings, with a template to address goals, delivery, development, wellbeing, career planning, 2-way feedback, business values and more.

Over the last two years I’ve worked with a director in an organisation who implemented this 1:1 strategy for herself, and then empowered her leadership team with the same system for consistency across the entire team. She then took it a step further to establish a system to meet 1:1 with every person in her team of 80 people, to ask them high level coaching questions.  

Over the last 18 months this Director has met with every team member three times, asking specific questions that she has given me permission to share with you. These high-level questions helped her to identify the emerging talent in the team, understand people's motivations and learn how she and the leadership team can uplift their leadership capability. This process has also increased the team’s engagement and commitment.

Now, meeting with all of your team members every six months may not be achievable for you, so think about your capacity and what will work best. Perhaps an annual catch up is more achievable. 

Below is a link to the exact questions this Director asked of the people in the team. I hope this provides you with a strategy to connect with your team members and elevate your leadership.


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