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I’ve noticed a growing trend of people leaving the corporate space, because they believe that they can't fulfill their yearning for purpose, or to explore their passions while in a corporate environment.  

It saddens me to see these people giving up on what was previously their dream, because they have lost their way in the corporate world, believing there is no way to attain fulfillment if they stay. 

Of course, for some people leaving is the best pathway, but for many there are ways to find alignment without venturing too far afield from their current trajectory. 

If you’re contemplating where to next, I’d like to encourage you to be open minded and explore how you can align your passions, purpose and interests within your current organisation or industry. 

How can you evolve and expand your role to bring you greater fulfillment? 

One of the activities I do with my clients to help them with role and purpose alignment is map out a delivery timeline and ask a number of questions to determine the areas that they enjoy and where they offer their greatest value. 

Explore a sample of these questions for yourself: 

Do you enjoy the strategic vision and planning space?

Or perhaps implementation and delivery planning?

Or managing the project or implementation team?

Or being responsible for benefits realisation after delivery?

Or managing business as usual after completion?

Or solving problems?

Or driving innovation? 

Asking yourself these questions can assist you with your career planning and further align your interests, zone of genius, passion and purpose with your role and the organisation. 

These questions may also be valuable when supporting your staff with career planning, to ensure they are happy, fulfilled and engaged in the workplace.  

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