You hold the key to elevating your leadership, impact, brand, career and the results of your team.

Let me help you turn it.

Have you even scratched the surface of your true leadership potential?

There's a reason why most leaders don't.

Let's take a moment to address the elephant in the room that gets in the way for most leaders (and how this program can help)...

The reality is that most leaders are too busy and stretched to get to the really important things, like leadership & team development.

You're time-poor, stretched and under pressure to deliver results, with back-to-back meetings, stakeholders to manage, staff issues, delivery expectations and relentless email.

And that's on a good day.

Your work is constant and ever evolving.

It can feel like you're juggling many balls in a swimming pool.

Sometimes you're in the shallows coping well, and other times you're overwhelmed in the deep end just keeping your head above water, with your legs going like crazy under the surface as people toss more balls and sometimes hot potatoes your way.

Can you relate?

And let’s not forget about your wellbeing, home life, family needs and more.

It's no wonder most leaders don't find the time to constantly grow themselves and their team.

And then there are some leaders who seem so in control; they're well organised and planned, have a strong united team delivering great work and they get tapped on the shoulder for opportunities, even when the pressure is high.

Want to know their secret sauce?

They get out of the pool.

They know that the key to their wellbeing and success (and that of their team) is to stop swimming and consistently get out of the pool, to focus on the key development areas that separate the highly effective and respected go-to leaders from the rest.

They proactively seize control and prioritise continuous growth and improvement, rather than waiting for the business to provide development opportunities.

In essence, they understand that to deliver their utmost value as a leader, it's crucial to consistently allocate time to focus on growth and ensure they have the energy to be at their best.

They have a vision, understand their purpose as a leader and consistently do what it takes to achieve it. 

The reality is if you want to perform at your best you have to allocate time for growth, transformation and improvement.

But this can be really hard when you're a busy leader.

I understand.

Despite your best intentions, finding time to focus on what is critical but not urgent can be challenging. Even if you manage to carve out time, knowing what to prioritise to improve your performance and that of your team is difficult.

And let's acknowledge that you are the central cog in the wheel for your team - how you manage, lead, and develop your people directly impacts their ability to achieve their full potential.

Neglecting your own development and that of your team comes at a real cost to the brand, career & earning potential, and overall sense of fulfillment of you and your people.

Time passes quickly (what month is it already?!) and it's frustrating for everyone when their best self, best work and highest potential isn't being realised. 

If this is resonating with you?

Imagine how you could propel your team's potential, impact & brand over the next 12 months if you dedicate yourself to elevating your vision, energy, leadership, strategic focus, planning, career development, brand building & so much more!

Come on a journey with me...

Elevate Your Leadership Program 

My aim with this 12-month program is to elevate you from operational and reactive to strategic, planned & organised, empowering you with systems and tools to confidently and effectively lead your people, and the know-how to drive your own development, brand and career path forward.

Testimonial: "Setting up these key management systems has helped me lead a team of 70 more effectively. The Strategic Communication Strategy, the Structured 1-to-1 Meetings Template and the Strategic Meetings Calendar have been very powerful. It led me to enrol 12 leaders in my team in this program." 

Vanessa Nativo, Director Finance Services

This is the same content that's included in the live Elevate in 90 Days Program ($3350 plus GST per participant), which I've refined to create a 12 month Elevate journey for you.

Each month I will guide you through a different area of focus, ensuring you consistently focus on the growth of you and your team. 

This is highly practical content with tools/resources provided. The aim each month is to learn and take immediate action to elevate the way you lead yourself, your people and in the business.

Welcome to Elevate Your Leadership


Testimonial: "As someone fairly new to a Team Leader role this provided an amazing opportunity to focus on improving my skills rather than getting stuck on the daily ‘hamster wheel’. The tools and systems provided were great and will help me be more strategic in future meetings and discussions. The course is structured in short sections...which gives participants the chance to implement and reflect. Reflection on my own strengths, career goals and areas of development was key to the program with the structure resulting in more constructive discussions with both those in higher level management and those in my team. Unlike many courses where you attend and then put the booklet aside afterwards this is one course where I can see myself continuing to implement my learnings far into the future." 

Tamara Scenna

This program will elevate your self-awareness, sense of control, strategic perspective, team leadership, confidence and relationships in the business.

Purpose, Why Statement & Goals

  • What lights you up?
  • What are your leadership and career goals? 

The work you do in month one will provide the context for the program.

Your Goals and Why Statement will provide the compass to guide your career, and support you to have powerful career conversations.

Feedback for growth

You are in the driver's seat

This unique 360-degree feedback seeking process will likely be the most valuable part of the program. You will have powerful feedback conversations to share your goals and Why Statement, and identify exactly how you can grow from their unique view points. You will strengthen your brand and relationships with people around you and ultimately develop a highly relevant development plan.

Testimonial: "I was pleasantly surprised to understand how my team views some of my key strengths. I feel more confident in acknowledging that I have some great skills in leadership and that these will help to build a good culture around the team. " 

Steven Morrow

Strategic calendar and critical meetings.

  • Set up a strategic leadership calendar to ensure you are address critical leadership and management activity
  • Run highly effective 1:1 meetings with your people to ensure they are engaged, happy, growing and producing great results
  • How to map out your meetings calendar and what to address in your quarterly, monthly and weekly meetings to align and focus your team

Strategic delivery planning

Align, engage and focus your team with a purpose-driven delivery plan to achieve results that align with the strategic objectives of the business.

Testimonial: "Thank you for a very informative and brilliant course. I was actually reflecting on one of your sessions the other day when I felt guilty blocking time out of my already busy calendar for leadership and team planning, however as I face a mountain of work this financial year, I am very grateful I took the time as it led to a successful pitch for more resourcing where I would have been typically on the back foot." 

Stephen Trevillian, Manager, Melbourne City Council

Career planning

Learn how to take control of your career planning and build your capability to be prepared to apply for the next opportunity to progress your career forward.



Build the brand and visibility of you and your team

Learn how to use a key communication strategy to build awareness of your team's achievements and to provide greater value in the business.


Informal mentors

This is the best kept secret of the leaders who seem to progress their leadership and career path faster than the rest. 


If you'd like more detail about the program content scroll to the very bottom of the page.

Testimonial: "The program challenged my assumptions and approach to leading a team of 60 in a complex environment. It’s helped me to lead better, to stay on course and to have the resilience and energy to ride the waves of the storms that inevitably occur in all leadership roles. The tools have helped me to manage the ‘noise’ and focus my efforts on the activities that benefit my team and organisation. I delegate better, I communicate better and I’m more strategic and less reactive. The program and the tools provide lifelong benefits." 

Malcolm Gibson - Chief Radiographer Dandenong Hospital, Monash Health

Bring your manager along on the journey

I will guide you throughout the year to keep your manager and where appropriate your 2-up manager abreast of your growth journey. This will demonstrate your growth mindset and commitment to development, and also provide an opportunity to communicate achievement to build the brand of you and your team.

Testimonial: "I have learned and grown so much. I think the thing I got out the most is the connection with my one up manager. Sharing my journey on what I have learned and what I’m delivering has developed a working connection." 

Nicole Hirst, Customer Services Manager

Leadership Uplift Across Your Business

The advantage of multiple leaders journeying through the program together is peer support/accountability and leadership capability and capacity uplift across the business.

Your Coach

Hi, I'm Rachael Pickworth from MAD Leaders (Make a Difference Leaders). 

For 20 years I've been supporting leaders to take their leadership and careers to the next level with coaching and training.

Along the way I've worked with thousands of leaders (Team Leader to CEO level) and had the pleasure of partnering with many organisations, such as being a member of the Telstra Top Talent identification team, rolling out leadership career planning workshops across government and speaking at leadership conferences around Australia.

Throughout my career I've had the opportunity to observe the foundational activities of high performing leaders that make a dramatic difference to their confidence, sense of control, impact, career progression and both management and leadership effectiveness.

I've pulled my experience and learnings together to develop a program that provides tangible results and behavioural change.

Testimonial: "I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachael (for multiple years) for the in-house delivery of the Elevate in 90 Days program. Rachael provides exceptional service by way of participant support, program design and continuous improvement. While the Elevate program is offered as a public program, Rachael works very hard to make the learning experience effective is relevant to our unique needs as a Department. Rachael’s passion for leadership and practical approach in building leadership capability, is what makes her a brilliant practitioner to work with." 

Danielle Fancellu, Senior Organisational Development Consultant Leadership, Leadership and Talent Development, Department of Transport

Annual program fee: $1497 + GST

  • Access to all content, tools & resources for 12 months for you and your team
  • Monthly live Q&A call
  • Highly relevant and practical lessons
  • Access from any location on any device
  • Discounts available for NFP & multiple participants

Customised in-house delivery  - Elevate may be co-branded,  customised and delivered in-house for your team or organisation (minimums apply).

14-Day guarantee

If you buy this program and you're not satisfied you are 100% covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

All content is best suited to General Managers/Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and Business Owners, with parts of the program benefitting CEOs and Executive Directors.

This is appropriate for any team with a team leader, whether the business is small or large.

Yes, click HERE to make a time to speak with Rachael.

The receipt will say 'Leadership Development', so you may claim this either for tax purposes or with the business if the learning and development budget allows it.


We have taken every effort to accurately represent this program and its ability to support the development of leaders.

We will make every effort to provide quality information, facilitation and guidance to achieve these results, but ultimately participant participation determines results. I make no guarantees to you as to these results.

Terms and conditions.

Testimonials: “I’ve learned the importance of strategic planning that aligns branch and divisional objectives and how crucial recurring calendar meetings are to ensure that my direct reports feel informed and supported. I’ve also learned how to raise my profile in the organisation and communicate my intended career trajectory."

Thelma Kilikidis

"I understand that being organised is a key’s important to set time for myself to plan and take control of my own leadership. Also, the importance of meetings with purpose, being accountable and having regular catch ups to allow for staff to share their challenges and goals.”

Gareth Richardson

Want more details? Here are just some of the outcomes of the program:

  • Establish and share a personal PURPOSE ‘WHY’ statement and goals with key people in the business to articulate brand, passion, value and intended career path.
  • Share clear business area goals with the team that translate the organisation's strategic objectives into meaningful outcomes relevant to the team.
  • Establish a quarterly delivery planning process and have buy-in from management and the team.
  • Complete a self-driven 360-degree feedback process to receive quality feedback from management and team members and identify perceived strengths and top growth opportunities, plus develop a development plan to address them.
  • Establish a strategic recurring leadership calendar to ensure you address all critical management and leadership activity throughout the year.
  • Conduct engaging, highly effective 1:1 meetings with your team members using a template to build relationships and address development, wellbeing, career planning, 2-way feedback, goals and more.
  • Establish a recurring, quarterly, monthly and weekly team meetings, and know how to run effective meetings (tools/agendas provided) to keep your team aligned, engaged and achievement focused.
  • Implement a simple, fast and powerful monthly communication strategy to share achievements, results, objectives and updates to management, peers, stakeholders and team members.
  • Begin building a network of informal mentors to help you grow, provide opportunities and advocate for you in the business.
  • Develop a clear strategy to raise your profile and leadership brand in the business and communicate your career goals, so you can be tapped on the shoulder for opportunities to provide greater value to the business (no more flying under the radar).
  • Grow in confidence and self belief as a leader to lead in the business at a whole new level.


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