Leaders, Are You Asking Powerful Questions?


Craft Your Why - I have a free activity to set you up for greater success in 2020. 

I encourage the leaders I work with to take some time over the Christmas/New Year break to reflect on the year that’s been, and to get clear about what they want to set themselves up for success in the year ahead.  

I find leaders are often strategic and planned in their roles, but don’t find the time to be strategic with their own careers. If this is the case with you, this is a powerful time to stop, think, reflect and intentionally reset the compass. Think of reflection time as strategic thinking time. 

After a busy December it’s valuable to carve out some valuable to consider:

What is it that I really want? 

What am I here to do in the world? 

What do I want the next five, or 10, or 20 years to really be about? 

In a nutshell: What’s my WHY? 

With his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek inspired a movement for people to be purposefully engaged at work and fulfilled when they go home at night. In his follow up book, Find Your Why, he explores how to ‘craft your WHY’ into a succinct sentence to help you plan your path forward and powerfully articulate what drives you to key people in your life and in the business.  

I’ve taken Sinek’s Craft Your Why process and broken it down into a short activity that you can do in five to 10 minutes. This can also be a powerful activity to do to align your team. 

I want to give you this activity to help you reflect and plan as you head into 2020. 

The first step is to craft your WHY, and the second is to share your WHY with those around you, including your team members, peers and the senior leadership team.  

I hope you find this activity valuable. 

Grab the Craft Your Why activity here: https://madleaders.com.au/craft-your-why 

Have a wonderful and safe start to the new year.


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