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Leaders, this strategic delivery planning process will take you and your team to the next level.

Get off the hamster wheel

Go from feeling like you're chasing your tail to being organised, planned & in control.

Map out a strategic plan

Use the strategic delivery planning tool to keep your team aligned & focused.

For leaders at all levels

Create a strategic delivery plan that's relevant to you & your team.

OPTION 1. $147 - One hour Strategic Delivery Planning Lesson & Tool for leaders 

OPTION 2. $297 - Two hour Strategic Delivery Planning Workshop for you and your team

This process will help you to focus and align your team with goals and a delivery plan, and connect the work you do with the strategic vision and objectives of the business.   

The important question is, do you have a living, breathing, strategic delivery plan that aligns your team to a common purpose and goals, and provides accountability around roles, responsibilities and activity?

If your answer is 'kind of' or 'no' don't beat yourself up, because most leaders don't - they've either never been shown how or they struggle to find the time.

But sadly, good planning determines whether you're a scrambling, reactive leader or planned, organised and in control - and whether your team is engaged and highly effective.

Hi, I'm Rachael Pickworth from MAD Leaders (Make a Difference Leaders).

I know that one of the biggest challenges leaders struggle with is...

How do you focus and align a diverse team to a common purpose and consistently deliver results that achieve the strategic objectives of the business?

Although effective planning is key to a team's success (and to your sanity), it can be hard to do it well, especially when you're so busy.

But without a clear plan that you revisit regularly with the team, it can lead to misaligned delivery, misunderstandings and conflict, inefficiencies, missed opportunities, lack of delivery and the diminished brand of you and your team. 

Is this resonating with you?

I've created a solution.

After seeing my coaching clients struggle with this I built a Strategic Delivery Planning Process and Tool that helps busy leaders to confidently lead and manage their team's delivery.

Until recently, this process has only been available within my 6 month Elevate in 90 Days Leadership Program.

What's included

Option 1. $147 - One hour Strategic Delivery Planning Lesson for Leaders

ln this lesson I walk you through the strategic planning process and how to break it down into a meaningful delivery plan that suits your team's unique needs. 

We cover strategic planning, delivery planning, using tools, how to engage your manager and team in the process and how to overcome the challenges leaders face with planning.

Watch these quick snapshots from the lesson...


This Strategic Delivery Planning Process will help you to:

  • Lead delivery with confidence
  • Manage up to communicate achievement, clarify expectations and negotiate workload
  • Be the leader your team looks up to and respects
  • Build the brand of you and your team as high performing
  • Enhance team alignment
  • Clarify¬†expectations about¬†roles and responsibilities
  • Improve efficiency
  • Provide transparent accountability
  • Better¬†manage resources
  • Increase stakeholder¬†satisfaction¬†as work is completed¬†ahead of schedule
  • Proactively manage risk
  • Empower team collaboration

A manager shares the power of this strategic planning process...

‚ÄúThank you for a very informative and brilliant course. I was actually reflecting on one of your sessions the other day when I felt guilty blocking time out of my already busy calendar for leadership and team planning, however as I face a mountain of work this financial year, I am very grateful I took the time as it led to a successful pitch for more resourcing where I would have been typically on the back foot.‚Ä̬†Stephen Trevillian, Manager, Melbourne City Council

Option 2. $297 - 2 Hour Team Strategic Delivery Planning Workshop

As a team you will view this interactive workshop where we cover:

- Strategic planning and delivery planning and how do we ensure this aligns to the business's objectives?

- How to plan out delivery together either using the tool provided or using an alternative

- How to capture individual and team achievements to celebrate them and demonstrate achievement to management?

- How to stay consistent with delivery planning to be aligned, focused, efficient, collaborative and accountable to achieve greater results

Strategic Delivery Planning Tools

You will be provided with a shared collaboration tool* to engage and focus your team, with multiple tabs including Strategic Plan, Brainstorm, Goals, Delivery (timeline with roles/responsibilities), Achievements and a sample plan.

*If you already use an existing planning process this tool will provide valuable insights to improve your current set up.

*You will be provided with a list of cloud based delivery planning resources as an alternative to the tool provided

My aim is for you to share this process & tool with your team so you work collaboratively with transparency and accountability.

I want you to wave goodbye to self-doubt and second-guessing. Confidently align your team with a shared purpose, unite them behind common goals, and channel their energy towards achievement (and have no more sleepless nights worrying about missed deadlines or lack of team engagement).

It's time to take back control, be more organised, and lead your team with greater confidence!

Hear from Leader, Thelma Kilikidis': “I’ve learned the importance of strategic planning that aligns branch and divisional objectives."

I want to make sure you love it and get results!

If you buy this and you're not satisfied you are 100% covered by our 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

This tool is best suited to General Managers/Directors, Managers, Team Leaders and Business Owners.

This tool is suitable for all teams with a leader and multiple direct reports.

Yes, click HERE to make a time to speak with Rachael.

The receipt will say 'Leadership Development', so you may be able to claim this under 'Professional Development' for tax purposes or with the business if the learning and development budget allows it.


We have taken every effort to accurately represent this product and its ability to support the development of leaders.

We will make every effort to provide quality information, facilitation and guidance to achieve results, but ultimately participant participation determines results. I make no guarantees regarding a leader's individual performance or results.

Terms and conditions.

TESTIMONIAL: "Rachael works very hard to make the learning experience effective and relevant to our unique needs as a Department. Rachael’s passion for leadership and practical approach in building leadership capability, is what makes her a brilliant practitioner to work with. " 

Danielle Fancellu, Senior Organisational Development Consultant Leadership, Leadership and Talent Development, Department of Transport


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